British artist remakes famous artsy with colorful pebbles at seashore.

For an artist, anything could be a tool to bring on an amazing creation, more than we can imagine. This is about an effort of recreating famous historic work of art in a extraordinary way.

UK based artist Justin Bateman is the owner of these awesome mosaics. He revives historic masterpieces like Mona Lisa, Girl in a pearl earring, using various size chromatic pebbles. It's amazing how he has posed painting with stones, giving a real close appearance to original creations. The artist also adds backgrounds and frames for the mosaics with pebbles and it gives them even more elegant finishing.

It takes hours to create one mosaic though, they don't last long as he unhands the creations at the beach itself. He thinks making them is the happiness, not keeping them.

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UK based artist Justin Bateman creates wonderful replicas of famous historic portraits using colorful pebbles

Great artsry like Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Vermeer's Girl with a pearl earring are  among of his wonderful recreations.

Justin Bateman: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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