Baby owlets having naps like human babies

We know that almost every bird including owls sleep sitting upright. But the baby owls sleep in a different way. They sleep on their belly, turning their heads aside. Because, their head is too heavy to hold upright for owlets. Therefore, until they grow old enough to hold their heads up when sleeping, they sleep this way like baby humans. But little owlets’ beds are tree branches. So, you may think don’t they fall off while sleeping. Actually no, thanks to their “Hallux”. Hallux means their back toe & it helps to keep the owlets ties to branch. It doesn’t move until they bend the leg.

Owlets sleep few times a day during daylight as few hours at a time like human babies. And owlets also have high level of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) activity and they dream less when they get old.

Journalist Mark Rees tweets about his own discovery of how owlets sleep with an adorable picture which now viral on twitter.

Scroll down to see more of the cute photos of them.

– Mark Rees (@reviewwales) June 21, 2020





Baby owls sleeping




Screech owlet-I just like to sleep on my tummy


Barred owlet fledgling sleeping


Great Horned Owlet

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