Awesome 3D Sticker tattoos recall our childhood gum tattoos

It’s no secret that we still love to live in our sweet childhood memories, where our life was liter and more relax than now.

Remember the sticker tattoos that we got with gums when we were schooling. No doubt you must be also love to show off those colorful tattoos to your friends. But they didn’t last longer as they fade away easily.

But now we can have such sticker tattoos with 3D effects, permanently. Meet Luke Cormier, Mr.Sticker tattoo in another words. He is such an expert for this, his tattoos actually look like you could peel them off as gum tattoos.

This uniqueness of these tattoos has taken the tattoo art into another level and this trend is already gone viral. Luke is a star now not in the inkworld but also in social media. He has 102k followers on Instagram and is going viral on tiktok with millions of views.

It’s been about three years he has started this tattooing and most of his tattoos are cartoon and pop culture themed. Even though they look simple with bright colors and the white border, the process takes time, like about 2-3 hours per one tattoo.

 “I have done many odd jobs and eventually I joined as an apprentice in a local tattoo shop and that’s how I got myself into tattooing and it’s not a planned thing. But once I stared tattooing, I knew that it’s the thing for me. And everyone said my tattoos look like stickers and I added a white border around the tattoo to look like real stickers and it worked so perfect. I really love this thing and I always put my 100% into this” Luke, the 3D sticker tattoo artist who’s also covers himself with many tattoos speaks so.































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