Adorable pictures of couple of bees sleeping on a flower

Really? Bees sleep? Oh yes, these little insects do sleep also. It’s just a rare sight because we don’t give enough attention to this amazing nature.

Nature photographer Joe Neely toss up to shot an adorable picture of sleeping bees on a flower. As he says, while he and his wife Niccole, who is also a nature photographer were looking for Mexican Poppy wildflower in the spring time. Eventually they found some Globe mallow flowers by roadside & Niccole was looking for best flowers to capture. Then she noticed some Globe mallow bees in orange-crimson globe mallow flowers. “we observed them for a while, even after sunset. By and by all the flowers got filled with sleeping little guys when the sunset gets darker. One last bee was looking for a flower to sleep & a buddy bee gave him some space in a flower by shifting a little. Realizing it’s the perfect scene to capture I hurried to get my camera and shot few snaps” Joe utters.

Scroll down to see that adorable sight of sleepy globe mallow bees on the flower bears their same name through Joe’s wonderful photos.

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