90-year-old Czech granny turns her little hometown into an art gallery with royal blue florals.

90-year-old women of Louka, Czech Republic gets busy with decorating door & window frames with royal blue flower designs, aiming to pretty up her little village.

Anežka(Agnes) Kaŝpároková, who had been working as a farmer, picked up this wall painting hobby from another local women who used to do the same for years. This grand ma is really good at creating sophisticated floral designs inspired by traditional Morvian (Southern Czech) artwork with a small brush and royal blue paint.

Even though she was praised by locally and internationally, she says that it’s just her hobby. “I’m an artist, I just enjoy wall painting & I want to help” she uttered to Czech media.

Age is just a number, if you are inspired by creativity. Especially when it comes to art. Keep scrolling to see this creative granny’s awesome artwork.

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